Craft Beer Keg

Craft Beer Keg is an oasis of great food and craft beer in the big city of Nagoya. They execute well on all important points. The beer is in top condition and features an excellent selection culled by the friendly manager, Sato. The food alone is worth a trip and pairs fantastically with beer. An attractive interior conducive to enjoying the evening with friends, family or a date rounds out the experience.

The main craft beer attraction is the server system with twelve taps (with valves for each to adjust the pressure) and one hand pump for real ale. Since beers inevitably change out through the evening, you’ll be able to choose from more than thirteen. The selections generally include some of Japan’s top craft brews as well as some lesser-known varieties not typically found on tap at most other places. The manager attends beer festivals regularly to scout new selections. 9oz servings start from ¥680, and 14oz from ¥1050. As Craft Beer Keg Nagoya is more a restaurant than a simple craft beer bar, they also have a healthy selection of wine, cocktails, shochu and non-alcoholic drinks. Ask about their all-you-can-drink party plans, which are only an extra ¥2000 tacked on to the ¥2500 course.

The food is a refreshing change from your typical craft beer bar grub. It primarily consists of affordable fusion dishes as well as tapas divided into hot and cold selections. Some items incorporate craft beer, like the steamed mussels or craft beer curry. Many patrons are partial to the hearty, hand-made sausages. There’s a little bit of everything on the menu—sautéed, fried, steamed, grilled, fresh—so explore and discovering new pairing options with your beer!

Seating is limited to about 30 people and the place is popular, especially on the weekends, so you might want to make a reservation. The bar counter seats six and is often frequented by solo drinkers, including women. Tables accommodate the rest. There are also some standing tables that are appropriate if you just want a drink or two and some snacks. Got a group of 20 or more? Book the place!

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