Craft Beer in Japan

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– The first English-language guide to Japanese craft beer.

– Information on 219 present and forthcoming Japanese breweries.

– Completely independent, in-depth analysis of 104 Japanese craft breweries and their beers.

– Listing and evaluation of 136 brewpubs, bars, tap rooms, and stores where one can drink or purchase Japanese craft beer.

– 50 pages of essays on the development of and culture surrounding beer in Japan.

– Guide to Japanese craft beer festivals.

About the Author

Mark Meli was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and has lived in Kyoto since 1999. He earned a Ph.D. in East-West comparative philosophy and aesthetics from SUNY-Buffalo, studied in Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Osaka, and is now Professor of cross-cultural studies at Kansai University in Osaka, where he teaches environmental philosophy and ecocriticism. Aside from sampling beer and sake and writing about them, he spends his free time researching environmental philosophy and tending a woodland garden at his Kyoto home.

Pages: 207
Publisher: Bright Wave Media, Inc.
Edition: 1st
Printed: September 2013

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