Interested in learning how to brew on a professional system? Or are you maybe just tired of your desk job and want to go on a special adventure that could lead to a new future? Well, now you can accomplish that in the legendary beer city of Portland, Oregon!

Portland Kettle Works is launching a Beer Academy this fall that is taught in both Japanese and English, and the company is now looking for students to participate. It is an intensive, two-day course at their brewery called Labrewatory. Japan Beer Times publisher Ry Beville visited the site personally in July to check it out, and says it looks like a comfortable, attractive and exciting place to learn the basics (“The beer is really good, too”, he notes).

In addition to learning all the steps of the brewing process, a tour of a local hop farm and tasting sessions are also included. For a reasonable fee, they’ll even ship a keg of the beer you make to Japan! The first class is in October, the second in November. If you’d like to learn more, please visit:

Labrewatory tasting room

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