Kirin Retraction

In our most recent issue, we regretfully printed a translation error that results in misleading information. On page 74 of the spring edition, we wrote, “the original organizers have decided to hand the reins over to Kirin.” The error centers around the word “rights” in the Japanese translation on page 75 (“rights were given to Kirin”). There were no “rights” given to Kirin and, according to an individual closely associated with Tokyo Beer Week, “Kirin is nothing more than a member of the organizing committee.” The phrase in English, “hand the reins over,” is broad in meaning and certainly encompasses the handing over of legal rights. To clarify, what was implied was that Kirin was given a role on the committee, and that role is influential. The translation is correct, in a sense, but not in this context.

Also, on careful consideration of our choice of English, we can see that it may be misleading and could have been better clarified. However, we stand by our broad suggestion that Kirin now has a big role in this event, and has brought its significant capabilities to the table by invitation. This conclusion is largely based on conversations my staff and I have had with a few of the committee members. Then there is the obvious: Kirin is a powerful partner to have. Is it just another committee member? Kirin has extensive reach in the food and beverage industry (not to mention the media), and can help with marketing and promotion. It has organizational skills. I could go on. The committee would be wise to rely on Kirin’s many strengths. I clearly pointed out this could be a benefit to the event. If it was looking for just another member, it could have invited any number of local bar or small business owners.

I continue to hope, though, that the greatest beneficiaries of any involvement by Kirin are the small bars and retailers that helped build the craft beer scene. That’s why, as we suggested, you should visit them for any Tokyo Beer Week event. It’s to them that we give our deepest thanks. And if they benefit and are happy, Kirin deserves thanks, too.

(For more on our stance about craft beer and industrial beer, see our two-part series “Craft Beer is Dead” and “Craft Beer is (not) Dead”.)

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